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About the Project

SmartAgriChain will carry out the research and development of a web-based solution to support entities related to the production and commercialization of agri-food products on improving their supply chain processes and ease the certification of their products. 

The platform will make use of blockchain technology to modernise and strengthen the security of supply chains management for producers and vendors and ensure transparent traceability of the products in all phases. 

Why we do it

Expected Impact

Simplify, speed and improve the certification process of agri-food products;

Democratise access to certification services for small agri-food producers; 

Support producers and vendors on optimising their supply chain;

Establishing a trusted relationship between producers, vendors and consumers;

Promote the value of sustainable and eco-efficient products and processes;

Strengthen the position of Portugal and Europe as providers of agri-food products of excellence.

How it works


The platform will work as a marketplace for producers, vendors, certification entities and consulting companies to offer and access services, share with security all needed information and digitalise the process of certification, as well as all interactions between entities.


Trust and Transparency

Blockchain stores immutable data on all stages of the product. 


Swift asset transfer

Without intermediaries, the transactions become faster and easier to process. 


Smart Contracts

Decentralized and autorun contracts compliant with the terms set by each entity.


Faster Transaction Flow

Smart contracts reduce the time for requests and certification.


Fraud Detection and Prevention

Smart Contracts provide fraud alerts from the beginning of the transaction.


Traceability and Security

Transactions in the supply chain are stored and encrypted in the blockchain to hinder falsified data.


Digitalisation and Visualisation

Each member involved in the transaction has access to the same data to avoid duplicates. A modern interface will offer authentic storytelling on each product.

Who can benefit



Producers and Vendors

Discover certification entities, access updated legislation, require consulting services, smoothly obtain certification from licensed entities and offer product storytelling.


Certification and Consulting Entities

Ensure producers and vendors meet the requirements for certification, offer services and improve monitoring and inspection.


Logistics, Distributors and Retail

Access data on the products’ path and submit information on distribution and retail process. Secure transactions among entities. 

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Easily and quickly access authentic information on the history of the products they wish to purchase, from farm to table.

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What we do

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Zenithwings is a Portuguese high-tech SME, focused on research and development of innovative software solutions for Precision Farming and Industry 4.0. Benefiting from our expertise in IoT systems architecture, data management, AI, Blockchain and DTL technologies, we build tracking, monitoring and management solutions aiming at more sustainable and efficient agriculture and viticulture processes.


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